Some Very Good Reasons to Avoid Buying Your Mens suits Online

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Published: 30th July 2012
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There are a number of online retailers nowadays that offer custom_tailored_mens_suits online at what seem to be amazing prices. While it's easy to get drawn in, a few very important things are worth considering.

After you have read through these 7 reasons ask yourself - is it still really worth buying custom_tailored_mens_suits online?

1 - You take your own measurements

The number one flaw is that online suit retailers require you or a friend to take your measurements based on instructions off their website. What happens if you get your mate or girlfriend to try and measure you up and your suit comes back correctly made to the incorrect measurements? Who's fault will it be?

Measurements for made_to_measure_mens_suits are always best performed by an expert with plenty of experience as accuracy is critical and often complex compensations are made for people of particular shapes and sizes. Professional tailors who have been in the business for 10 years can still make mistakes - so what chance do you have of getting it right?

2 - Fabric quality isn't always what it seems

After the fit, the second most important factor to consider when buying a mens_suits is the quality of the fabric and finished product. Online tailoring websites are full of misleading information regarding fabric Super counts and the fabric's wool composition. Many could be accused of false advertising!

While it's hard for the average person to tell the difference, the best way is to always touch, feel and compare fabrics swatches for yourself. Which brings us to the next point - you don't get to see first-hand samples of the finished product before you buy, and you only have what is on the website to go by. So there's always the gamble that the stitching & finish are not of the quality standard you'd expect.

Additionally, online you canít hold the fabric in your hand to see how it drapes, whether it crushes easily, nor whether itís lightweight or soft to the touch. Worst still, you canít compare one fabric against another to see which feels the best!

3 -You do all the work with no one to advise you

When you think about it, you do all the work! Your mate is taking the measurements, you're left to figure out the styling and fabric for yourself and you put through the order yourself. What's missing is the invaluable style advice for the best look to compliment your body shape, complexion and your occasion. There is no experienced stylist "tailoring" the product to suit you and your needs as an individual.

4 - Restrictive policies

Online guarantees regarding "Perfect Fit" are VERY RESTRICTIVE and almost always require you to first pay for alterations and then go through a long and convoluted process to claim back your expenses. Beware!

5 - Misleading photos

Photos of fabrics online don't properly represent the colours and the finish of the finished product. It's always better to touch, feel and view sample of custom made suits and swatches with your own eyes.

6 - Limited choice

You don't always get the choice of fabrics or styling options that you can get from a local custom tailoring house. Not to mention that there is no one to advise you on what will suit you best.

7 - Nowhere to go if something goes wrong

You don't get personalised, local service and a physical point of contact should you need support. And if something does go wrong, you're left battling it out with emails to the company without having a real person to deal with. You often donít receive the after-sales service that you deserve, especially after spending that sort of money.

If we haven't totally convinced you yet that buying custom made suits online is a risky exercise - that's ok. But if we've at least got you to think about whether an online suit is still worth it then we've at least achieved something!

Final Word

If youíve made it this far, thank you and congratulations! You now know more about mens_suits than most - even more those pushy sales guys! This knowledge will not only ensure that you buy quality, it will also ensure that you wear your suit confidently and always look your very best.

In this series of articles youíve learnt that getting the perfect suit fit is a game of inches (well 1/4 inches actually) and that a good quality men's suit is one that's made to your exact body measurements. Period. Thereís simply no substitute for getting a local professional tailor to make your suits and jackets. Someone, whoís trained to compensate for differences in body shapes, someone who knows how to best style and design a suit to your individual needs and someone who has access to top quality fabrics and construction methods.

We hope weíve opened your eyes to the convenience, quality and perfect fit of custom tailoring. Now that you know more, we also hope you share the same passion as we do for creating outstanding garments that stand the test of time, in both quality and style.

Remember, if you can find a good local tailor who can custom make your suits, theyíre an ally for life and can help keep your wardrobe conveniently stocked with whatever it is you need in the future.

Martin Scicluna is a proud contributing author and writes articles on several subjects including Mens Suits. He is passionate for Custom Made Suits and providing useful tips and information on how to get a new suit that fits you perfectly.

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