Business and Bespoke Suits - Everything You Need to Know!

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Published: 27th June 2012
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By definition, a business suit is really a suit worn while attending the workplace. A business suit has been the staple men's dress code in the workplace for more than one hundred years, and while seen by numerous to be somewhat conservative and uniform, the discerning modern company man chooses to add a little flair and individuality to their business suit by adding subtle styling choices like coloured or even patterned linings and peak lapels... and yes sometimes even a pocket square!

Business suits for various occasions

Most men own five to ten business suits for various situations. For example, it is not uncommon for someone to personal a different business suit for each of those events:

• Interviews - We've all been through this... calm your nerves by looking your confident greatest

• Client Meetings - 1st impressions count!

• Everyday Workplace - needs to be comfy and of long-lasting high quality

• The Boardroom - Be remembered when you pitch your subsequent idea!

• Making the Deal - looking successful will get you half way there

• Smart Casual - Many workplaces have casual Friday’s - why look drab whenever you can look fab in an open neck shirt, dark jeans and suit jacket?

Off-the-rack vs. custom business suits

Buying for a brand new business or bespoke suits is frustrating. Rarely will you find an off-the-rack business suit that fits you. You might get fortunate and discover a business suit that is in a colour or even fabric which you like, however finding one that is got the right styling and that fits you perfectly is definitely an elusive trifecta! Take a look around the city. Most men own business suits that do not fit them. They are either as well large, too tight, the sleeves are too lengthy, or the jacket is the incorrect length.

Custom business or bespoke suits solve this problem for you (a.k.a. tailor made suits, made to measure suits). With custom tailoring, you can get the right fit, within the right colour, styled the way you want it - all within the one place.

The price of custom business suits is coming down all the time. Only a couple of years ago a custom business suit could effortlessly price you over $2,000, but with more and much more competition, it is not uncommon to locate good quality custom business suits about the $800 - $1,200 mark.

Alternatively, for when only the very best will do, the uncompromising man might choose to buy bespoke business suits. Bespoke suits have all of the benefits of custom business suits (styling, fabric, fit etc.), but have one distinct advantage - they are not made to a regular pattern, but rather are made to a pattern designed just for you personally. This of course comes with a hefty cost tag.

Lastly, beware of purchasing custom business suits online, as whilst the price can be less expensive what you see is rarely what you receive! You will not get to touch and really feel the fabrics or view samples before buy - and you will not get the benefit of a styling professional helping you pick the right colour and fabrics for your distinctive physique form, personality, and event.

Oh yeah - You'll also need to take your own measurements as well.

2 piece business suits and three piece business suits

The business suit is normally comprised of a Jacket and Trousers (i.e. a two Piece business suit). But in the event you want that sharp Wall Street look, try incorporating a Vest (waistcoat) to make a sophisticated three piece business suit ensemble. The Vest (Waistcoat) also comes in handy during the winter months when extra warmth about the chest is welcomed.

The vest can also be worn separately outdoors in the office and much more often than not, the same Vest bought as part of a 3 Piece business suit, can effortlessly make its way into a smart casual look. Simply put on the Vest on top of a crisp white shirt with dark jeans and black leather shoes.

Much more and more men are selecting the three Piece business suit due to this versatility.

Business suits - Styling

Whilst many may say that business suit styling errs around the side of conservativeness and caution, you shouldn’t let that get you down. Sure it is a safe bet to possess a “standard” width lapel, on a “standard” fitting suit, with a dark coloured lining… however what does this look say about you? It probably says that you prefer to fit in and don't want to be observed!

It is quite simple to elevate the look of your next business suit to match your ambition by merely going for a slimmer fit, slimming down the lapels, adding a patterned or coloured lining and perhaps even peak lapels (everyone else is always wearing notch!). Add handcraft stitching across the lapels and pockets and throw in some working jacket cuffs to get a touch of elegance and sophistication.

And there you've it… a business suit that tends to make you stand out and get observed (without being over the top).

Business suits - Colour, Pattern & Fabric

Darker colours like navy blues, charcoals and pinstriped or self-striped blacks are probably the most typical colours for business suits and you truly cannot go wrong with these choices. However, there’s no have to feel restricted by just these colours. For vibrant, sunny spring and summer time days, feel free to lighten up the mood with lighter greys, lighter charcoals and of course French navy.

As for fabric, it is essential to buy pure wool business suits that are made from Super 100s to Super 130s for that workplace as you’ll be wearing them a lot. The Super count refers towards the thickness of the wool thread and the greater the count the finer, lighter (and more costly) the fabric will be.

But do not go too high, as whilst wool marked as Super 150s and over is very luxurious and soft towards the touch, it is susceptible to snagging and durability is usually not as good. Super 150s and above will be the realm of executive business suits and suits for unique occasions like wedding suits, dinner suits and evening jackets.

Final word on business suits

Ultimately, a business suit is really a functional garment and should be selected for durability, fit and quality 1st and style or brand 2nd. Nevertheless, embellishments may be additional like peak lapels, fancy linings, handcraft stitching and working cuffs - all of that will add a touch of individual flair without looking ostentatious. The very best business suits are these that fit you perfectly, and let you operate at your confident greatest.

Martin Scicluna is a writer who loves to write and discuss about Bespoke Suits. You can read his other Business Suits ideas and discussions to know the new trend.

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